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Can We Trust the Bible?

October 27, 2016

At the beginning of this week’s class, the class agreed the Bible is trustworthy. So then I asked if it is trustworthy, why do we still sometimes choose not to read it? These were some of the answers:   “It makes me feel bad about myself.” “It’s hard to understand and it seems to contradict [...]

Can We Trust the Bible?

October 19, 2016

Who was Jesus? This question is probably one of the most important ones anyone could ask. At the center of Christian theology is the belief that Jesus is God—the one, true, and living God who created all things and will, one day, return to judge the world. But is such a claim really defensible? Isn’t [...]

Can We Trust The Bible?

October 18, 2016

On Sunday mornings in Building D as we study and discuss whether we can trust the Bible, we’re also looking at those same questions here on the blog. In last week’s post, I summarized the evidence we have for the historical preservation of the New Testament documents. The conclusion was that what we hold in [...]

Can We Trust the Bible?

October 4, 2016

This past Sunday we started a new class on campus called Can We Trust the Bible? The goal in this class is to examine the evidence supporting the truthfulness of the Bible, while at the same time interacting with claims of skeptics. The goal of this post (and others that will follow) is to give [...]

Willingness to Change

September 14, 2016

Many believers have been led to believe they are winners in life and in their walks with the Lord after a great start and a few early victories. But in matters of ongoing maturity, growth, advancement and effectiveness—winning, if you will—continual growth is measured in critical, often unseen, hard-fought, small degrees rather than leaps and [...]

Praying the Psalms

August 15, 2016

At seminary, Stonegate’s Groups Pastor, Luke McNeely, learned a great way to read through the Psalms in a month. He shared it at one of our morning staff prayer times, so we wanted to share it with you. Psalms in a Month To make it through Psalms in one month, you’ll have to skim through [...]

Navigating Your Quiet Time

August 4, 2016

Last weekend, we walked through some practical prayer and Bible study tips. We wrote them down and wanted to share them because we’ve found them incredibly helpful. We hope you do, too. 1. You simply have to commit to doing it. A lot of people do their prayer and study first thing in the morning. […]

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