Stonegate Live:

Due to the health and safety issues regarding COVID-19 and the economic distress it has brought to many families, conducting or hosting Camp will unfortunately not be possible this year. Glorieta has just recently confirmed to us that they will no longer be able to host SGY Camp. Additionally, given all this uncertainty, we have had to cancel Kids Camps as well. We are deeply saddened by this, and ask that you would join us in prayer for both Camp locations as they continue navigating this difficult season.


Our teams are currently looking at other possibilities to give our kids and students a great summer experience on our campuses; as we navigate the next few months, we still believe there is an opportunity to create a safe, fun environment to help them engage with Jesus and each other! Once any alternate plans have been made, we will make those and signup details widely known.

We will email you each week when the latest sermon is posted.