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Camp 2021

2 Camps • 1 Location

We are so excited to announce that registration for Camp 2021 opens on February 1st! This year is going to look a lot different, and space will be more limited than in previous years, but we have high hopes that it’s going to be the best Camp yet.


Each Summer we pack up and head out to Camp with hundreds of kids, students, and servant leaders, for an incredible time of fun, worship, and learning about Jesus. We were truly heart-broken to have to cancel Camp last Summer due to COVID-19 restrictions, and our teams have been hard at work planning and strategizing to make this Summer something truly special.


While we usually take our SGkids and SGY students to two different locations, this year we’re changing it up. We’ll be taking everyone to Glorieta, New Mexico where we’ll put on two different camps in one location. We know you probably have a LOT of questions, and we’re here to answer them! Check out our FAQ section below for more information.

When / Where is Camp? How Much Does It Cost This Year?

SGKids Camp (Current 4th & 5th Graders)

June 7 – 11 | Glorieta, NM | $350 per camper*


SGY Camp (Current 6th – 12th Graders)

June 6  – 11 | Glorieta, NM | $425 per camper*


*Please see the Registration / Financial Questions section for more information on multiple-camper discounts, our Financial Assistance Fund, and our cancelation / refund policies.

How Will 2 Camps in 1 Location Work?

Will SGKids Camp and SGY Camp be unified into one camp since they are during the same week at the same location?  

 No. We are putting on two completely different camps for SGKids and for SGY. We currently have two different planning and worship teams, will house the kids and students in dormitories on opposite sides of the camp, and have a common goal of two different camps in one location.


Glorieta offers several amazing experiences such as zip-lines, water slides, archery tag, and more; we want both camps to get to access these! Because of this, we are designing the schedules to allow both camps the opportunity to utilize these shared spaces, at entirely different times throughout the week. In other words, your 5th – grader will not be playing archery tag against a senior in high school.


What plans are in place to keep my SGKids Camper safe since there will be students of all ages at Glorieta that week? 

As previously mentioned, camper safety is our top priority and we are taking many precautions to ensure this over the course of the week. As far as our SGKids Campers go, their safety is being planned through three lenses; oversight, proximity, and group size.


Oversight: Every year, we take a safety team to camp that consists primarily of law enforcement officers who volunteer their time to watch over and protect our students. From the moment our students step off the bus until the moment they leave, our safety team is watching over our students 24 hours a day.


Proximity:  As previously stated, we are intentionally planning and scheduling the two camps so as to keep them as separate as possible for the duration of the week. While the primary reason for this is safety, we also see a lot of value in ensuring that our kid campers don’t feel like the “little kids” at camp. Keeping our camps as separate as possible reinforces the idea that we planned this camp just for you!


Group Size:  In years past, our leader-camper ratios have been 1 per 10 kids and 1 per thirteen students. This year, we’re planning for 1 adult for every 9 kids and for every 9 students. Smaller ratios mean more eyes watching over your kiddos.


Glorieta is a much further bus ride than Glen Lake. Have you thought through the ramifications of that for my SGKids Camper?  

We sure have!  Taking our 4th and 5th graders to Glorieta makes for a long bus ride (about two and half hours further than Glen Lake).  It is going to be a long trip for our SGKids Campers.


We have already brainstormed creative ideas to engage our campers while on the bus to redeem the time.  We think the more extended trip will be worth it after considering some of the new opportunities for kids to tube down a snow hill in the summer or play slingshot paintball with their friends. One of our goals is for that extra distance on Monday and Friday to be the last thing on their mind, and the last thing they remember when camp is over.


Does Glorieta have the capacity to put on two different camps at once? 

Yes! Glorieta’s campus is 2,400 acres and has lodging for well over 2,000 campers. This includes multiple snack shops, worship spaces, dining halls, and gathering spaces.


During a typical week of the summer, they may have a youth camp, kids camp, and a family camp going on simultaneously. This means while it may be new to us, putting on multiple camps at the same time is standard routine for Glorieta.

How Will COVID Affect Camp?

Are we going to be able to have camp since the state of New Mexico is still closed because of Covid-19?  

We realize New Mexico’s COVID-19 guidelines could prevent camp from happening; if the state is closed as we make our way through the spring, we will not be sneaking in. We are actively communicating with Glorieta to work through all of the logistics necessary to make camp happen for our students. SGkids and SGY Camps are possibly the two largest outreaches that we do here at Stonegate. Every year we see lives and hearts transformed through what God does at camp.


While we are at the mercy of New Mexico’s guidelines, we believe our kids and students need camp today more than ever before. So we will continue to pray, plan, and strategize an amazing camp experience for your kids and students. If something changes along the way, we will make sure you are aware of it.


What precautions will be put in place to help prevent Covid-19 from spreading at Camp? 

The safety of our campers is our top priority.  We are working alongside Glorieta to create an excellent camp experience that mitigates our campers’ risk of being exposed to Covid-19. Along with this, we are committed to following both the current CDC and New Mexico state government protocols as we continue planning. Because of this, camp will look different in some ways than in previous years.


One example of how Covid-19 might impact camp is that buildings will most likely have limited occupancies. This will affect how we feed our campers meals; instead of one meal time for the entire camp, we will have staggered meal times for the various grade levels. This will also keep in line with our goal of keeping our SGKids and SGY students separated throughout the week.


Why is space limited this year?  

Currently, Glorieta is planning to keep all of its facilities at 50% occupancy this summer. While this 50% occupancy for Glorieta is still a significant number due to the space of their camp, we will still need to take a smaller group than in years past.

As spots fill up and we inch closer to 50% occupancy, we are committed to keeping our leader-camper ratio at 1 adult for every 9 campers as stated previously.

Registration / Financial Questions

What is the last day to sign up?

April 30th.  As always, there is a chance that both SGkids and SGY camps could fill up before that date, especially with this year’s 50% capacity parameters.


When is my balance due?

Final payment is due April 30th.


What is the cancelation/refund policy?

Consistent with previous years, we ask every participant to pay a non-refundable deposit of $50. This deposit covers fixed-costs incurred, whether the camper does or does not participate in camp.


However, if camp were to be canceled by Stonegate and/or Glorieta then 100% of any money paid towards camp would be refunded, including this deposit.


Is there a multiple-child discount? How do I get it?

Yes! We offer a $50 discount for the second, third, etc. siblings from the same household. This is automatically applied and you won’t need to have any sort of discount code.


If you are concerned that your multiple child discount has not been properly applied after registering, please contact


Can I set up a payment plan?

Absolutely! You can set up a payment plan directly through our online registration system. It is a fast and easy process.


Can I apply for financial assistance?

Yes! We never want finances to be the reason that a child misses out on camp. Our Financial Assistance Fund is available for those families who qualify. As you go through the registration process, you will be able to request such assistance.

Servant Leader Questions

Can I serve at Camp? 

Yes! It takes hundreds of servant leaders to execute both of our camps each year. Even if you’ve never attended a camp or served at Stonegate before, we would love for you to join our team. We will train you, and we will set you up to have a great week!


Servant leader registration opens the same time as camper registration on February 1st. You won’t want to miss it!


If I serve at one Camp, will I see my child / student who is attending the other Camp?

Maybe! We are intentionally scheduling the week to create two separate camp experiences. SGKids Leaders will spend the week with SGKids Campers and SGY Leaders with SGY Campers.  There will be zero opportunity for students of either camp (SGY or SGKids) to wander around into the other camp. As already mentioned, our goal is to keep them separate.


If you desire to be a part of your child or students’ camp experience, we encourage you to sign up for the same camp as them. Please be aware that you will be placed in a different small group than your child / student should you choose to do this. At Stonegate, we have never allowed parents to lead their child or students’ small group at camp.


My student attends SGY Camp but typically serves at SGKids Camp. Is there a plan to accommodate this?

In full transparency, we are not sure just yet.  One of the most important groups of servant leaders we have during SGKids Camp each summer is our SGY students.  We have many outstanding students who attend SGY Camp one week and then turn around and serve at SGKids Camp.  Doing both camps in the same week this summer, with a goal of keeping them separate, is going to make this impossible.


Our planning teams are actively strategizing to come up with a solution for these students.  We hope to figure out a way for them to experience camp and serve at camp all in the same week.


If this describes your student and they have served at SGKids Camp in the past, please send us an email at so that we can keep you in the loop as we make progress.

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