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Next Steps

What is Next Steps?

Next Steps is our primary on-ramp to connecting with others at Stonegate Fellowship. Next Steps is a three-week class that will give you a better understanding of our church, membership and your role in the church. We believe that everyone has a next step and yours may simply be to sign up for a spot at Next Steps.

The Format

The first week we walk through (1) who we are and (2) what we believe. This week, our values and heartbeat behind what we teach and believe will be heard loud and clear.

Week 2 is all about application of our beliefs. We discuss (1) how we live as a (2) Servant-Leader (this term is an adaptation of volunteer. Every Christian is a minister or servant of the Gospel and in doing so leads others) in all of life.

Week 3 culminates with a small group discussion through the information from the first two weeks that impacts you personally. Our goal is to help you follow Jesus, connect you with other people, clarify salvation and baptism, and help you find your spot to serve at Stonegate.

Next Steps is much more than a membership class,

it is a vital connection piece for anyone attending Stonegate Fellowship.

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