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August 15, 2016

Praying the Psalms

At seminary, Stonegate’s Groups Pastor, Luke McNeely, learned a great way to read through the Psalms in a month. He shared it at one of our morning staff prayer times, so we wanted to share it with you.

Psalms in a Month

To make it through Psalms in one month, you’ll have to skim through five different Psalms each day. After quickly reading through the five for the day, pick the one that you resonate with the most. If more than one stands out, read more than one! (Remember: freedom over form.) 

Here’s how Luke taught us to pick which five Psalms to start with: Take the date and add 15 to it five times. Those are your five Psalms for the day.

So, today is the 15. Today you would read Psalm 15…

+30 = Psalm 45

+30 = Psalm 75

+30 = Psalm 105

+30 = Psalm 135

Then pick the one that spoke to you most and spend a majority of your time there, reading and praying through it.

The only exceptions to this are the 29 and 31:

29 = Psalm 39

+30 = Psalm 59

+30 = Psalm 89

+30 = Psalm 119

+30 = Psalm 149

Read through Psalms 39, 59, 89 and 149 and apply the same study approach outlined above. Skip 119 since it’s so much longer, and save it for the 31 (when that applies). On the 31, skim all of Psalm 119 and pick a passage to zero in on.

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