Stonegate Live:


Last Updated: Friday, July 3rd


Will we be required to wear masks or gloves when we are on either campus?

While masks are currently not required, they are highly encouraged based on Governor Abbotts’ most recent updates on Thursday, July 2. Our Guest Services Team will have single-use disposable masks available at the entrances of our Worship Center for anyone who wishes to wear one during service. Staff and Servant Leaders will be wearing them for the time being.



What social distancing and sanitizing practices will Stonegate be utilizing?

At the start of each Sunday, all of our venues will be sprayed down with a CDC-approved disinfectant. In between services our Guest Services Team will be cleaning all hard surfaces in our auditorium, foyer, and bathrooms. We will also have additional hand sanitizer stationed throughout our campus. We will be continuing to seat every other row, and several  of our weekly activities are still meeting in our larger buildings and spaces to enable those in attendance to spread out.


Will there still be snacks or coffee provided for on-campus activities?

For the time being we will not be providing donuts or snacks on Sundays, and any weekly food that may be served will be done so in pre-packaged containers. Coffee and water will not be self-serve, but will be handed out by servant leaders in order to decrease the amount of surfaces being touched by multiple people.



*(Please note, this section refers to weekly childcare; SGKids practices are still being discussed and will be posted at a later date).


Will weekly childcare be available on both campuses?

No. Weekly Childcare will be available on the Midland Campus beginning Monday, May 18th. The Odessa Campus will not be offering weekly childcare until the Fall.


Will kids be required to wear a mask or gloves when they are on campus for weekly childcare?

No. The option of wearing a mask or gloves is up to the parent, but we will not be requiring or providing those items at this time.


How often will each area be sanitized as Childcare reopens for weekly on-campus activities and groups?

Each area used will be sanitized after every one-time use. By using every other classroom for Childcare throughout the week, we’ll be able to thoroughly disinfect each room and all toys used.


Will there be a reduced number of children allowed in each classroom?

Yes. Classrooms will be capped at a lower number than usual for the time being.


Will there be hand sanitizer available?

Yes. Our standard sanitizer stations will be available and we will provide extra stations throughout our buildings for your convenience.


What is your current Sick Policy?

Please do not utilize our Childcare if you or your child have: fever, hacking or cough, sore throat, persistent runny nose with substantial discharge, muscle or body aches, headache, you are feeling lethargic OR if your child has not been free of fever, diarrhea and/or vomiting for a full 24 hours.



Will students be required to wear a mask or gloves when they are on either campus for SGY?

No. The option of wearing a mask or gloves is up to the parent, but we will not be requiring, providing, or enforcing the use of those items at this time.


 Where are students meeting for SGY?

SGY Midland is continuing to meet in the Auditorium of the Main Building to allow students and leaders more room to spread out. Provided the weather is good, they have small groups meet outside after service; if it is not, they spread out in across several buildings on campus. SGY Odessa is continuing to meet outside in the Pavilion for the time being.


Will Middle and High School still meet all together on Wednesdays, or will they go back to meeting on Sundays and Wednesdays?

Middle and High School will meet together on Wednesdays at 7PM until June 3rd. Starting June 3rd, we will kick off our SGY Summer! Both Junior High and High School will have the opportunity to engage in on-campus activities on Sunday evenings and teachings on Wednesday evenings through the duration of the summer.

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