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Everyday People | Part 2: Lydia and the Philippians Jailor (Odessa)

Gary Douglas continues our series about Everyday People by taking us to Acts 16. He shows us how God miraculously intervened in the lives of a woman named Lydia and a prison guard in ancient Philippi. He also challenges us to consider how God might want to use even us to share His amazing story of grace with others.


Stewarding The Miraculous

Scott Hall preaches about our goal in this life as Christians and how we can achieve it (this is a standalone message).

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Sent Part 2

Scott Hall continues this series in Acts on how all Christians are sent – this week Scott looks at how every individual has a specific purpose that God has created in order to bring the Gospel to the world.

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Sent Part 1

Scott Hall begins a series on the early church in Acts and how we are sent for the Gospel just as the members of the church were 2,000 years ago.

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