Follow Me Resources

Part 1 & 2

To download a digital copy of our Discussion Guide for Follow Me: The Gospel of Mark, click here.

Follow Me: An Intro to Discipleship

We are all being discipled. The only question is: who are we following? Perhaps you’ve heard the word “discipleship,” but don’t know what it means or what it looks like in everyday life. Using an acronym R.I.S.E., we will introduce you to some key elements of Biblical discipleship that are woven throughout the whole Bible. This acronym helpfully summarizes what the Scriptures teach us about discipleship, but they also provide a diagnostic to help us evaluate our present state of spiritual health. Like wheels on a car, these four elements of discipleship help us stay balanced and on track in our pursuit of Jesus. As you listen to this series, we hope you will walk away with a better understanding of what Jesus meant when He called His first disciples and told them to, “Follow Me.”

Week 1 Handout | Midland Campus

Eric Clark kicked off the first section this series on discipleship by taking us to Matthew 28:16–20. Eric explained how discipleship is a not a Christian thing, but a human thing. The question is whether our discipleship is intentional or un-intentional. Using the R.I.S.E. acronym, Eric challenged us to embrace a life of intentional discipleship to Jesus and lays the foundation for the coming weeks.


You can watch this message and download the handout below!

Follow Me: The Gospel of Mark

In the Gospel of Mark, we see Jesus modeling a life of discipleship rooted in the elements of the R.I.S.E. acronym. As we take a journey through the Gospel account, we want to highlight the specific ways in which Jesus modeled and called his disciples unto a life saturated in Intentional Relationships, Biblical Instruction, Spiritual Practices, and Experiences that our practical and hands-on. As we do this, we want you to consider how you can apply and incorporate these elements of discipleship into your own life and ministry. Again, we are all disciples. Discipleship is not just a Christian thing, it’s as human thing. While we will never be perfect in our discipleship, the Gospel of Mark helps us see what life could look like for us as we center our them around Jesus and His Kingdom.

Series Discussion Guide | Midland & Odessa Campuses

This discussion guide will follow along with our current series in the Gospel of Mark. We have designed it for you to use devotionally as you study the Gospel of Mark with us, but we would love for you to use this in a group as you study the Scriptures in community. This guide contains some useful background information, some reflection questions, and even some Scripture memory. Most importantly, this guide will help you engage with the Lord personally as you learn more of what it means to Follow Him as His disciple.

Easter Articles | Odessa Campus

The articles below provide a more detailed historical look at the evidence for the Resurrection and the longer ending of Mark’s Gospel.