Disagreement Without Division: A Workshop on Christian Conflict | Download Workbook here

How do we maintain sincere, Christian unity amid sincere, Christian disagreement? As Christians, how do we disagree without dividing? What are the issues worth dividing over?

In this workshop, Josh Gatewood guides us through navigating conflict as a believer.

Are We Living In The Last Days? | Download Workbook here

The events of 2020 raised a lot of questions: Is COVID-19 a sign of the end times? Are we entering into the Great Tribulation? Is it possible that very dark days are ahead?

If you’ve asked these questions, you’re probably not alone. The real question is: what does the Bible say?

In this workshop, Josh Gatewood guides us through a biblical understanding of the last days by looking at the words of Jesus and comparing them with the claims of today.

The Church & America | Download Workbook here

Was America founded as a Christian nation? What is God’s purpose for America? How should we think about the church’s witness in America today?

In this workshop, we take a deep dive into both history and Scripture to answer these questions.

Race, Justice, & The Gospel | Download Workbook here

What does the Bible say about justice, racism, and reconciliation? How can Christians navigate these divisive topics in humility and faithfulness to Scripture?

In this workshop, Josh Gatewood and Pastor Elvie Brown will take us on a deep dive into the Scriptures to help answer these questions.


For the Critical Race Theory Position Paper, click here.

Homosexuality & the Church | Download Workbook here

In this workshop, we will explore the subject of Homosexuality and the Church. We will examine the biblical sexual ethic along with many arguments in opposition to it. We will also discuss the church’s tattered witness to people within the gay community. Finally, we will give specific advice to parents and leaders who want to serve the next generation with clarity, compassion, and biblical fidelity.

Transgenderism | Download Workbook here

In this workshop we will explore the perplexing challenge of Transgenderism. We will discuss a biblical theology of Gender, our culture’s prevailing transgender ideology, and the painful reality of gender-dysphoria. At the end, we will offer some specific advice for parents and leaders who want to navigate this subject with compassion, wisdom, and biblical fidelity.

Roman Catholicism | Download Workbook here
This workshop explores some of the fundamental beliefs of Roman Catholicism alongside some of the history of the Protestant Reformation. Our goal in this workshop is to provide a basic framework for understanding some of the core differences between Catholic and Protestant Theology. We hope it will be helpful resource for Catholic and Protestant believers to have gracious, thoughtful conversations with each other.