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Experiencing God Everyday | Pt. 3

This Week, Patrick gives us 6 realities to focus on as we think about pursuing an Experiencing God lifestyle.

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Mother’s Day 2018

The cultural pressure on women to be a “perfect” woman is so great. From social media posts to being the perfect mother, the burden is greater than ever. Patrick reads from 1 Peter 3 to highlight the identity that God has for women and how freeing it is to accept His identity.

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Experiencing God Everyday | Pt. 2

This week, Patrick talks very seriously about how to Experience God in our personal lives. He gives a firm challenge to men to love their wives in a way that causes them to flourish. He also talks about how essential it is to have friendships that will help us cultivate a lifestyle of Experiencing God.

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Experiencing God Everyday | Pt. 1

This week, Patrick tells that Experiencing God shouldn’t end when we finish our study. However, we must commit to treasuring Christ and being ‘all-in’ to follow Jesus.

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Experiencing God | Week 11

Neil Rogers reads from John 21 and teaches that God is not done with us and is always calling us to join him in his work all around.

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Experiencing God | Week 10

This week, Patrick mixes things up a bit by jumping ahead to unit 12 in our Experiencing God study. He helps us consider what it means to build a life with the Lord that is stable, firm, and secure as opposed to pursuing the next ‘spiritual high’ that fades very quickly.

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Experiencing God | Week 9

This week, Dustin Pearce invites us to consider how we can Experience God through one of the most basic Christian disciplines: obedience. Dustin helps us see how our obedience flows from God’s love for us and leads us to Experiencing God in a personal level.

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Easter Service 2018

In a not-so-typical Easter message, Patrick unpacks 3 essential components to knowing how valuable we are to God. This message reminds us why Jesus lived, died, and rose again: because we are of such great value to Him.

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Experiencing God | Week 8

This week, Eric Boyt—one of our elders at Stonegate—helps us ask a hard question: are we willing to make major adjustments to follow Jesus? He outlines 5 different types of adjustments we can make and helps us see that in the end, adjusting your life to follow Jesus is always worth it.

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Experiencing God | Week 7

This week, Patrick helps us cross the mid-way point in our Experiencing God study. He talks about what it means to have a Crisis of Belief, how to cultivate trust in the character of God, and how essential it is for us to be faithful in the small things before we can ever expect to experience the ‘big’ things God has for us.

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