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Faithful | Week 5 (Odessa)

Randy Unruh wraps up our series on the Faithfulness of God by looking at the story of Samson. Randy shows us how Samson, who throughout his life had allowed himself to be defined by his mistakes and failures, at the end saw his life defined instead by the faithfulness of God. Samson was able to recover from his mistakes, as we are, by Gods faithfulness. We learn through this message that we can all be ordinary people in the hands of an extraordinary God.


Fathers Day 2021 (Midland)

Josh Gatewood delivers a unique Fathers Day message that actually applies to all of us in different ways. He talks about the specific role of weakness in the Christian life and how God uses our weaknesses to lead us into places of greater dependence, trust, and surrender. Josh shares some personal examples from his own fatherhood that have made this clear and then challenges us to consider what kind of legacy we’re leaving for those coming after us.

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Renewal | Week 2 (Midland)

Josh Gatewood continues our series in Renewal by taking us to 2 Kings 23. Josh opens up about his own weariness in this season and explains how there’s a difference between momentary relief and lasting renewal. He shows us what King Josiah did to provide renewal in the nation of Judah and then explains how we can experience even greater renewal through the power of the Spirit at work within us.

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Renewal | Week 1 (Odessa)

Josh Gatewood begins a new series in 2 Kings 22 entitled Renewal. He shows us how King Josiah experienced a spiritual renewal by choosing to break the cycle of his spiritual heritage and be humble toward God’s Word. He also shows us how Gods renewal often begins with a return to basic truths and practices. Through these basic truths and practices, God’s Spirit works powerfully to bring renewal in our lives.

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Go. Be. | Part 3 (Midland)

Josh Gatewood sits down with Dustin Pearce and Elvie Brown to give an update on our 7 year vision to establish 4 congregations. They talk about some of the hopes, prayers, and challenges unique to their churches and paint a picture of what God is doing to establish a diverse people who are united in Christ. Toward the end, Josh invites members of Stonegate Fellowship to join Dustin or Elvie at their respective churches. Danny Barker, one of our elders, concludes our time in prayer for Dustin, Elvie, and the mission of the church in the Permian Basin.

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Follow Me | Gospel of Mark | Part 8 (Odessa)

Josh Gatewood steps up to teach us on this Easter Sunday as we conclude our series in the Gospel of Mark. Josh discusses some of the historical reasons we have for believing the resurrection really happened. He then shows us what the resurrection means for us today and challenges us to consider where we are placing our hope in life. Josh concludes by showing us how Jesus wasn’t just a great moral teacher, but was God Himself—the Lord over all things.

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Follow Me | Gospel of Mark | Part 7 (Midland)

Josh Gatewood continues our series on Discipleship by taking us to the very real struggle of personal prayer. He explains how even Jesus experienced great struggle in His final prayer leading up to the crucifixion. He then shows us three specific things we can learn from Jesus that can help us in our own struggles with prayer.

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Follow Me | Gospel of Mark | Part 4 (Midland)

Josh Gatewood continues our series in the Gospel of Mark by taking us to Mark 8 when Jesus fed the four-thousand. He shows us how Jesus and the disciples crossed cultural lines in order to express the heart of God to people. He also shows us how Jesus doesn’t use those who are perfect, but instead uses those who are willing. He concludes by challenging us to spend meaningful time with people who are different than us in order to cultivate and communicate the compassion of Christ in an age of rampant tribalism.

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Follow Me | Gospel of Mark | Part 2 (Midland)

Josh Gatewood continues our series in the Gospel of Mark this week by taking us to Jesus’ Parable of the Sower in Mark 4. In this passage, Jesus shows us why some people change and why some people don’t. Throughout the message, Josh highlights some of the specific reasons Jesus’ gives for this and then challenges us to be a people who don’t just want the results of change, but who embrace God’s process as well.

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Follow Me | Part 3 (Odessa)

Josh Gatewood continues our series on Discipleship by taking us Luke 5. He shows us how Jesus embraced a rhythm of Rest and Solitude instead of saying ‘yes’ to everyone or every need that pressed against Him. Josh also shows us how Jesus spent meaningful time with Lost People, even when those people were considered to be unclean and outcasts. He concludes by challenging us with some specific ways we can follow Jesus and in the process, reach those who are far from Him.

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Follow Me | Part 2 (Midland)

Josh Gatewood continues our new series on discipleship by taking us to John 13:34–35. He shows us what Jesus meant when He called His disciples to “love one another as I have loved you.” Josh identifies a couple of myths we tend to believe that hinder our experience of true, Christian community and concludes by calling us to embrace Jesus’ vision for loving one another in sacrificial, committed relationships.

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