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Moving Forward in Hope (Odessa)

Hope is One of the most powerful and beautiful things God has created. With it, people can accomplish or endure almost anything. Yet, without it, the same people can quickly lose motivation to fight or progress forward. One of our Elders, Neil Rogers, explores the foundations of our hope from Romans 5:1-5 as we move into a new year.


Christian Resilience (Midland)

Josh Gatewood kicks off 2021 with a message on how to cultivate Christian Resilience in our world full of adversity. He shows us how our understanding and love for the gospel have a direct bearing on our ability to endure, and even rejoice in our afflictions. He concludes by sharing a powerful testimony of God’s grace in the lives of a young couple in our church.

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With Us | Week 3 (Odessa)

Josh Gatewood takes us to Isaiah 61 to show us how Jesus is our Empowering Presence. He explains how this passage points us to the Heart of the Father, the Mission of the Son, and the Power of the Holy Spirit. Josh helps us understand how we can appreciate something so important, even when we can’t see it. He challenges us to consider if our hearts are truly surrendered to Jesus in this season.

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With Us | Week 1 (Midland)

Josh Gatewood begins a new series to kick off the month of December. He takes us to a familiar Christmas passage and shows us how this traditional story answers some of the most pressing questions about God, evil, and suffering in the world. He concludes by challenging us to remember these truths and helps us see: no matter what we’re going through, Jesus is always with us as our Present King.

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Ambassadors | Week 5

Josh Gatewood continues our series by taking us to Romans 12. He opens up about the exhaustion of 2020 and the difficult realities we’ve endured. He then challenges us to consider our distinct calling as followers of Jesus—a calling that centers on cultivating peace in this divided world. He then shows us three things that must change in our lives if we are going to be the distinct people of peace Jesus has called us to be.

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Ambassadors | Week 4 (Odessa)

Josh Gatewood continues our series by look at the sober realities of our speech. He explains how easily we can misuse our speech to misrepresent Jesus and then helps us to consider a better way. He challenges us to consider how we can cultivate peace with our words by speaking in the ways of wisdom and gentleness.

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Ambassadors | Week 1

Josh Gatewood begins our new series called Ambassadors: A Distinct People. Josh shows us from Scripture what it means to be an ambassador for Christ and what qualities we need to faithfully represent Jesus in our cultural moment. He challenges us to identify which qualities need the most work and encourages us to remember that Jesus is working through our lives to bring His message of hope to others.

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Greater Things | Week 5

In this last week of our Greater Things series, we have a special time to reflect, worship, and take Communion together as a church family.

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Greater Things | Week 2

As we continue this series on Greater Things, we look at the future of Stonegate Fellowship and what God is leading our leadership to move towards over the next 7 years.

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The Psalms | Psalm 51

Josh Gatewood continues our series in the Psalms by taking us to Psalm 51. In this Psalm we see David in a place of desperation, crying out to God for repentance and renewal in light of his recent fall into sin. Josh shows us how David’s personal sin and prayer of repentance outlines a roadmap for restoration we can all follow—no matter what we’ve done or what we’re going through.

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The Psalms | Psalm 42 (Odessa)

Josh Gatewood continues our series in the Psalms by teaching from Psalm 42. He shows us how important it is to be honest with God—especially in the difficult seasons of life. He challenges the notion that honesty is the enemy of reverence and encourages us to see that honesty with God is actually the pathway to relationship.

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