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Lessons From David | Week 7

Chase Lynch continues our sermon series, Lessons from David, looking at 2 Samuel 9.


Crossover Pt. 10 – Final

Patrick delivers his final message to our church body as Teaching Pastor. He reads from Galatians 5 about the 9 fruits of the Spirit and how we should continually see them at work in our lives.

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Crossover Pt. 9

From Galatians Patrick continues a series of crossing over into what God has for you. He highlights the 9 fruits of the spirit and how they are character attributes that are worked through inwardly in order to release as a gift to others outwardly.

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Crossover Pt. 8

Patrick speaks a message from Joshua 3:5 on the topic of consecration and how it is completely necessary when God is calling you to crossover the Jordan in your life.

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Crossover Pt. 5: Giant Killers Pt. 2

Patrick finishes up his message about Giant Killers by giving us 7 statements to consider. He calls us to consider the private, personal, and painful process of becoming a Giant-Killer who experiences the power of God and who is used by God to change a legacy.

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Crossover Pt. 4: Giant Killers

This Week, Patrick talks about the Giants in our lives that need to be killed. He calls us to realize and believe in the strength and identity we have in Christ to win the battles before us.

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Crossover Pt. 3

In the next part of the Crossover series, Patrick uses four clear points to talk about how a Crossover in any person’s life requires a different perspective.

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Crossover Pt. 2

This week, Patrick highlights 7 things from Joshua 1 to meditate on as we consider crossing the Jordan in our own lives.

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Crossover Pt. 1

This week, Patrick begins a new series. He shows us how God’s people have always been hindered from experiencing His power in their lives by one simple word: unbelief. He challenges us to consider what voices we are listening to that drown out the voice of God and therefore, keep us from crossing over into the abundant life He has in store for us.

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This week, Patrick wraps up our Names of God series. He shares some big news with our church family and reminds us that God always has been and always will be faithful. Our task is to trust Him—even when it is difficult or uncertain.

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Experiencing God Everyday | Pt. 3

This Week, Patrick gives us 6 realities to focus on as we think about pursuing an Experiencing God lifestyle.

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