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Mother’s Day 2019

On a day that warrants both celebration and sensitivity, Josh Gatewood steps up to deliver a Mother’s Day message. He unpacks he biblical teaching about the value of women, the special role of motherhood, and the ministry of motherhood. Along the way, he explains how women are worthy of God’s love and affection simply because He created them.


Easter 2019

Jay Mayo leads us through our Easter services this year by explaining what the resurrection of Jesus means for us today. He shows us how the resurrection meets our greatest need and how it can radically change our story.

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Flourishing | Part 8: Relationships that Flourish

Jay Mayo steps up this week to continue our Flourishing series. He shows us how healthy relationships require honesty, even confrontation, but most of all they require us to be honest with ourselves. Throughout the message, Jay provides some very practical wisdom for how we can cultivate relationships that truly Flourish as God intends.

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Flourishing: Part 5 : Overcoming Sin and Temptation

Jay Mayo steps up this week to continue our series in the Sermon on the Mount. He explains how the flourishing life is not based on external, religious behavior, but on inside-out transformation.

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Happily Ever After Part 4

Jay Mayo continues the Happily Ever After series by finishing up the definition of Biblical marriage. He expounds the truth that God is using relationships in our lives to transform us.

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Happily Ever After Part 3

In week three of our marriage and family series, we explore the ideas that marriage is a transformational union and that it’s for the sake of God’s ultimate purpose and our joy. Jay breaks down what he calls “The Story of Marriage,” from God’s perfect design to how it looks after the fall in Genesis […]

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Thessalonians Part 8

Jay Mayo continues a series on 1st and 2nd Thessalonians by sharing the persecution that the Thessalonians experienced when Paul wrote this encouraging letter and the persecution that happens today.

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Psalms Part 5

Jay Mayo continues a series about refocusing on Jesus through the Psalms by digging into the encouragement offered to us in Psalm 46.

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Steadfast Part 18

Jay Mayo continues a series on the Christian life being steadfast in the midst of any circumstance. This week, Jay talks about a life that is distracted by temporal things and how that distracts us from being steadfast according to James 4.

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Steadfast Part 12

Jay Mayo continues a series on the Christian life being steadfast in the midst of any circumstance. This week, Jay walks through James 1 to show how having scripture planted in our hearts allows us to have salvation and steadfastness.

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Redeeming 2015

Jay Mayo takes a look at how we can look at our past failures and see the redeeming future we can have in Jesus according to Ephesians 5 (this is a standalone message).

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