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In Christ: Part 1 (Odessa)

In this new series called In Christ, we are reminded of how we are unified not as people in a building on Sundays but a people unified by Jesus Christ to walk as sons and daughters in the world every day.


The Gift: A Christmas Series | Part 3 (Odessa)

Jay Mayo continues our Christmas series called The Gift by reading Matthew 2. We look at the meaning of the gifts and the setting of the birth of Christ as it relates to seeing and knowing God’s provision no matter how it looks.

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Ever Grateful | Part 4

Jay Mayo finishes the Ever Grateful series by teaching out of Psalm 107. He explains how God is using seasons of suffering, struggle, storms and the fear that comes with those to rescue us.

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Everyday People | Part 7: The Roman Centurion (Midland)

Jay Mayo wraps up our Everyday People series by looking at the amazing faith of the Roman Centurion in Luke 7. Throughout this message, Jay shows us how amazing faith doesn’t always look like what we naturally think it should. In light of what Jesus says about the Centurions faith, Jay invites us to consider trusting Jesus—even when we are in the middle of our doubts.

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Stand Alone | A Life of Influence

Dustin Pearce shares some important statistics about the number of Jr. High and High School students who attend school in Midland. He then shows us that every follower of Jesus has a calling on our lives to raise the next generation. He challenges us to consider what our lives could look like if we said “Yes” to a life of multi-generational influence.

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Chasing the Wind Part 5 (Midland)

Jay Mayo continues our series in the book of Ecclesiastes by looking at the subject of relationships. He shows us three specific reasons that illustrate why we were designed for relationships with each other. He concludes by challenging us to take a step into an environment where we can be known and experience God’s blessing in this area of our lives.

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Chasing the Wind Part 2 (Midland)

Jay Mayo continues our Summer series in the book of Ecclesiastes by looking at the subject of work. He unpacks the author’s frustration with his work and then challenges us to consider what God is teaching us when our expectations don’t line up with our experiences.

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Easter 2019

Jay Mayo leads us through our Easter services this year by explaining what the resurrection of Jesus means for us today. He shows us how the resurrection meets our greatest need and how it can radically change our story.

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Flourishing | Part 8: Relationships that Flourish

Jay Mayo steps up this week to continue our Flourishing series. He shows us how healthy relationships require honesty, even confrontation, but most of all they require us to be honest with ourselves. Throughout the message, Jay provides some very practical wisdom for how we can cultivate relationships that truly Flourish as God intends.

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Flourishing: Part 5 : Overcoming Sin and Temptation

Jay Mayo steps up this week to continue our series in the Sermon on the Mount. He explains how the flourishing life is not based on external, religious behavior, but on inside-out transformation.

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Happily Ever After Part 4

Jay Mayo continues the Happily Ever After series by finishing up the definition of Biblical marriage. He expounds the truth that God is using relationships in our lives to transform us.

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