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The Ministry of Marriage | Week 4 (Midland)

Joe Russo wraps up our September series by taking a look at the ministry of marriage both with our spouse and towards others.


Proverbs | Week 7 (Midland)

Chase Gilbert continues our series in Proverbs by showing us how much better it is to walk in the way of God’s wisdom. He invites us to listen to wisdom, look to Jesus, and actively chose the way of life over the way of death.

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Camp Recap (Midland)

Chase Gilbert will walk us through how to avoid various distractions that often hinder us from faithfully living out our calling.

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Camp Preview (Midland)

Chase Gilbert gives a message going into the week of Camp.

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Colossians | Week 5 (Midland)

Chase Gilbert uses Colossians 2:16-23 to show what freedom in Christ really means for us as believers.

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Stand Alone Message | Chase Gilbert | Midland

Chase Gilbert reminds us that our actions are always a reflection of our heart, and true transformation is an inside-out process.

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Obedience | Week 2 (Midland)

Chase Gilbert continues our series in the book of Daniel by looking at the story of the fiery furnace in Daniel 3. Chase helps us see that God may not always remove our fiery furnace, but He will be with us in the midst of it. He concludes by challenging us to consider who/what we cherish the most so we can be ready to trust and obey Jesus in our seasons of testing and trial.

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Faithful | Week 5 (Midland)

Chase Gilbert wraps up our series on the Faithfulness of God by looking at the story of Samson. Chase shows us how Samson’s pride was a major stumbling block in his life and then challenges us to consider the ways in which we are fighting against the virtue of humility in our lives. In this message, we learn how God is faithful to His character—even when we are prideful.

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Camp 2021 Recap (Midland)

Chase Gilbert steps up for his first Sunday message in Midland to tell us what our students learned at camp this year. He explains how our identity as people is only truly verified when we look to Jesus—the one who created us, loves us, and paid the price of his life for us. He then challenges us to believe and model this in our own lives so that we can continue to have an impact on the next generation.

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Everyday People | Part 3: Timothy (Odessa)

This week Chase Gilbert steps up to continue our ‘Everyday People’ series by looking at the life of Timothy. Although some would look at Timothy and say he didn’t possess the qualities required to be an effective leader, we see that God was able to use his faithfulness and love for others to make a lasting impact in the lives around him.

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