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The Power of Design (Odessa)

Randy Unruh speaks a message about the power of design.


Empowered Week 5 | (Midland)

In this week of our Empowered series, Luke McNeely discusses how the Holy Spirit reminds us of our position as God’s sons and daughters.

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Obedience | Week 1 (Odessa)

Luke McNeely kicks off a new short series in the book of Daniel this week. He takes us into the original situation facing Daniel and the nation of Judah to help us see how Gods people have always faced trying and even terrible circumstances. Luke shows us how Daniel and his friends maintained a resilient faith in this midst of this trial and then gives us some practical steps to help us do the same. In this opening week, Luke shows us some fundamental truths we can rally around as we seek to follow Jesus in a culture of increasing hostility.

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Faithful | Week 2 (Midland)

Luke McNeely continues our Summer series by looking at a scene in the life of Moses that confronted his unique insecurities. Luke shows us how God calls us to a trust him in spit of our insecurities and challenges us to consider what steps we can take to trust God like Moses did.

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Go. Be. | Part 4 (Midland & Odessa)

Luke McNeely continues our series by taking us to Psalm 78 and emphasizing the importance of investing into the Next Generation. He identifies some of the unintentional ways we hide the truths of Jesus from the next generation and challenges us to consider how we are spending our time. He also shares stories of encouragement from individuals who were positively impacted by people in the church who took the time to invest into them. This message was preached at our Midland Campus and live-streamed to our Odessa Campus.

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Greater Things | Week 1 (Odessa)

Luke McNeely begins our series called Greater Things by taking a look at God’s faithfulness. He walks through Acts 11:19-30 and shows how God was faithful to the church in Antioch and is equally faithful to our church today!

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The Psalms | Psalm 51 (Odessa)

Luke McNeely continues our series in the Psalms by taking us to Psalm 51. In this Psalm we see David in a place of desperation, crying out to God for repentance and renewal in light of his recent fall into sin. Josh shows us how David’s personal sin and prayer of repentance outlines a roadmap for restoration we can all follow—no matter what we’ve done or what we’re going through.

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The Psalms | Psalm 19 (Odessa)

Luke McNeely continues our summer series in the Psalms by taking us to Psalm 19. Luke shares with us how God is relational and longs for us to both know Him and be known by Him.  He also points out how David clearly describes the fruit that is experienced as we commit our lives to feeding on God’s Word.

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Through Christ | Part 5

Luke McNeely continues our series by walking us through Ephesians 6:1–9. Luke shows us how—as followers of Jesus—our family and work relationships should be characterized. He also provides some very practical encouragement for those of us who struggle to get it right and reminds us that God isn’t asking us to be perfect, only faithful.

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In Christ: Part 4 (Odessa)

In Ephesians 2 the topic of comfort is challenged by looking at what the gospel requires from us and then we answer the question, “what kind of people does the gospel make?”

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As One: Part 6 (Odessa)

Luke McNeely finishes the as one series by reading in Revelation and 1 Peter. We uncover how Jesus leads the church to himself.

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