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Lessons From David | Week 1

Neil starts our new sermon series, Lessons from David, looking at 1 Samuel 16.


What I’m Learning (Midland)

Dustin Pearce returns to give an update on what God is doing through Advance Church. He speaks about the importance of surrender and introduces us to a powerful story of someone who recently surrendered her life to Jesus.

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Follow Me | Part 4 (Midland)

This week we had the opportunity to experience Expectant Sunday together as a church body. Similar to the Expectant evenings we do during the year, we spent time together as a body in prayer, personal reflection, and worship while also hearing an update from Dustin Pearce.

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Ambassadors | Week 3

Our Ambassador series continues with Dustin Pearce teaching that when God sends us on a mission that it will be marked by conflict and how we can continue to persevere through every trial.

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Greater Things | Week 3

In week 3 of our Greater Things series we get to hear from Dustin Pearce as he shares how God has been working in the lives of he and his wife Alye, shifting their hearts towards church planting.

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Great Expectations | Week 1

Dustin Pearce opens a new series this Sunday by looking at God’s intention for Marriage in Matthew 19. Dustin addresses some of the common questions and challenges associated with marriage and helps us see God’s heart for us in the process.

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The Psalms | Psalm 1

Dustin Pearce introduces our new series in the Psalms. He takes us to Psalm 1 and shows us how our thirst for happiness is satisfied by cultivating a relationship with God that is rooted in the Scriptures. It is only when we develop a lifestyle of feeding on God’s Word that we can bear spiritual fruit in the various seasons of life we go through.

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Through Christ | Part 3

Dustin Pearce is joined by a special panel of servant-leaders for this weeks message from Ephesians 5:1-22. Together, they talk through what it means to embody the love, light, and wisdom of Jesus during the times we live in.

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Through Christ | Part 2

We read from Ephesians 4:17-32 where Paul is writing about our changed identity in Christ that leads to changed living through Christ.

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In Christ: Part 1

In this new series called In Christ, we are reminded of how we are unified not as people in a building on Sundays but a people unified by Jesus Christ to walk as sons and daughters in the world every day.

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The Gift: A Christmas Series | Part 2

Dustin Pearce continues our Christmas series called The Gift by reading Matthew 2. We look at the gifts that were brought to Jesus when he was born and the implications these have on our lives. This week Dustin uncovers the gift of Frankincense and the idea that Jesus as perfect priest gives us perfect access to a perfect God.

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