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Through Christ | Series End

Josh Gatewood closes our Spring series by returning to Revelation 2 to look at Jesus’ final words to the church at Ephesus. He challenges us to consider the state of our hearts and embrace a fresh vision for personal renewal in our lives.


Through Christ | Part 3

Dustin Pearce is joined by a special panel of servant-leaders for this weeks message from Ephesians 5:1-22. Together, they talk through what it means to embody the love, light, and wisdom of Jesus during the times we live in.

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Through Christ | Part 2

We read from Ephesians 4:17-32 where Paul is writing about our changed identity in Christ that leads to changed living through Christ.

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In Christ: Part 1

In this new series called In Christ, we are reminded of how we are unified not as people in a building on Sundays but a people unified by Jesus Christ to walk as sons and daughters in the world every day.

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The Gift: A Christmas Series | Part 2

Dustin Pearce continues our Christmas series called The Gift by reading Matthew 2. We look at the gifts that were brought to Jesus when he was born and the implications these have on our lives. This week Dustin uncovers the gift of Frankincense and the idea that Jesus as perfect priest gives us perfect access to a perfect God.

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Ever Grateful | Part 1

Dustin Pearce starts a new series called Ever Grateful breaking down Psalm 107 and how it applies to a life that is purposefully thankful in everything we do.

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Everyday People | Part 7: The Roman Centurion (Odessa)

Dustin Pearce wraps up our Everyday People series in Odessa this week by looking at a specific encounter Jesus had with a Roman Centurion in Matthew 8. In this encounter, Jesus re-defined the people of God and affirms the Centurions life as a model for us to imitate as we experience God through a personal relationship in the everyday stuff of life.

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Everyday People | Part 3: Timothy (Midland)

Dustin Pearce steps up this week to continue our series called Everyday People. He takes us to the life of Timothy, a young man who God used to do amazing things—even though he never wrote Scripture or has any miracles attributed to his name. Dustin shows us how Timothy’s life gives us a picture of generational influence and calls us to consider how God can use us in similar ways.

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Stand Alone | Multi-Generational Influence

Dustin Pearce shares some important statistics about the number of Jr. High and High School students who attend school in Midland. He then shows us that every follower of Jesus has a calling on our lives to raise the next generation. He challenges us to consider what our lives could look like if we said “Yes” to a life of multi-generational influence.

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Chasing the Wind Part 4 (Midland)

In this message, Dustin looks at Solomon’s struggle with injustice. It’s a struggle we can all relate to and leads us to a place of greater dependence on God.

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Chasing the Wind Part 3 (Midland)

Dustin Pearce steps up to continue our series in the book of Ecclesiastes. He explains how God invites us into a closer walk with Him, even during difficult seasons of life.

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