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Mother’s Day 2019

On a day that warrants both celebration and sensitivity, Josh Gatewood steps up to deliver a Mother’s Day message. He unpacks he biblical teaching about the value of women, the special role of motherhood, and the ministry of motherhood. Along the way, he explains how women are worthy of God’s love and affection simply because He created them.


Flourishing | Part 2: The Beatitudes

Dustin continues our new series in the Sermon on the Mount by leading us through the Beatitudes. He shows us how Jesus described the values of His Kingdom and challenges us to consider what it really means to embrace Jesus’ vision for human flourishing.

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Flourishing | Part 1: Introduction

Dustin steps up this week to begin our new series in the Sermon on the Mount (SOTM). He challenges us to consider what it really means to follow Jesus and build our lives on His teaching.

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Foundations: The Next Generation

Dustin Pearce continues the Foundations series by giving our church body a charge to never forget the next generation as we continue pursuing them in helping them be all they’re designed, called and gifted to be.

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Through the Eyes | Week 4: Peace

In this Christmas message, Dustin calls us to disrupt fake peace and to be peacemakers. Why? Because of the Prince of Peace has come and He calls us to a life of genuine, authentic, life-changing Peace.

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Unified | Week 2

This week, Dustin continues our series in Philippians. He walks us through chapter 2 to show us how humility was demonstrated in the life of Jesus. He then calls us to be a church of collective humility and gives a personal example of someone who made that her life’s aim. In memory of Tricia Cagle.

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Unified | Pt. 1

This week, Dustin opens up a new series in the book of Philippians. He talks about the importance of believers being unified around the gospel and the collective identity we have in Christ.

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This week, Dustin teaches us out of Galatians 5. He talks about how easy it is to get stuck in our Christian life and points us to the power Jesus gives us to set us free.

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Doubting Thomas

Dustin speaks a post-camp message teaching in John 11 about how our journey with Jesus is less about destination and more about direction.

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We Will Tell

Dustin Pearce talks to us about generations and the responsibility the present one has to the next one.

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Experiencing God | Week 9

This week, Dustin Pearce invites us to consider how we can Experience God through one of the most basic Christian disciplines: obedience. Dustin helps us see how our obedience flows from God’s love for us and leads us to Experiencing God in a personal level.

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