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Corinthians – P6

Dustin Pearce shows us how Paul shepherded the Corinthian church in some tough situations. Ultimately, he taught them how the Gospel rearranges sexuality, dismantles offenses, and elevates Jesus.

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Corinthians – P3

Dustin continues our series in 1 Corinthians by showing the contrast between human wisdom and spiritual wisdom. He specifically talks about how true spiritual maturity is imparted by the Holy Spirit as we learn to center our wisdom in the revelation of Christ.

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Next Gen Vision

Dustin Pearce speaks a message about the next generation and how we, as the church, stand with and encourage the teaching and discipleship of our children.

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Ezra & Nehemiah – Pt. 4

Patrick speaks about what happens when we trust God with our resources. When God presses us into more, he reminds us of what he has done and who he is so that we can trust him.

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Letter from an Elder – Part 7 (final)

Dustin wraps up our series called “Letter from an Elder” by focusing on 1 John 2 and what it takes to be loved well and to love others well.

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Letter from an Elder – Part 4

Dustin Pearce continues the series, Letter from an Elder by talking about God being the light of the world.

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Happily Ever After Part 7

Dustin continues the Happily Ever After series by expounding the idea of singlehood and that regardless of marital status we believe that we are called to help each other to become more like Jesus.

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What We Believe Part 7

Dustin Pearce continues a series on what Stonegate Fellowship believes. This week, Dustin shows us what Jesus has done because of who he is.

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What We Believe Part 6

Dustin Pearce continues a series on what Stonegate Fellowship believes. This week, Dustin talks through who Jesus is.

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Thessalonians Part 7

Dustin Pearce continues a series on 1st and 2nd Thessalonians by beginning to take a look at the challenging first chapter of 2nd Thessalonians.

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