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Moving Forward in Hope (Odessa)

Hope is One of the most powerful and beautiful things God has created. With it, people can accomplish or endure almost anything. Yet, without it, the same people can quickly lose motivation to fight or progress forward. One of our Elders, Neil Rogers, explores the foundations of our hope from Romans 5:1-5 as we move into a new year.


Everyday People | Part 7: The Roman Centurion (Odessa)

Dustin Pearce wraps up our Everyday People series in Odessa this week by looking at a specific encounter Jesus had with a Roman Centurion in Matthew 8. In this encounter, Jesus re-defined the people of God and affirms the Centurions life as a model for us to imitate as we experience God through a personal relationship in the everyday stuff of life.

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Everyday People | Part 3: Timothy (Midland)

Dustin Pearce steps up this week to continue our series called Everyday People. He takes us to the life of Timothy, a young man who God used to do amazing things—even though he never wrote Scripture or has any miracles attributed to his name. Dustin shows us how Timothy’s life gives us a picture of generational influence and calls us to consider how God can use us in similar ways.

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