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The Ministry of Marriage | Week 4 (Midland)

Joe Russo wraps up our September series by taking a look at the ministry of marriage both with our spouse and towards others.


Proverbs | Week 4 (Odessa)

Eric Boyt continues our journey through the book of Proverbs by showing us how to choose the path of wisdom over the path of wickedness. Eric explains how the path of wickedness is always much worse than it originally seems. In this message, Eric challenges us to guard our hearts and actively chose the path of wisdom for our lives.

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Colossians | Week 11 (Odessa)

Eric Boyt takes us through Colossians 4:5-6. He shares with us how to act and speak wisely to reflect the Gospel we believe.

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Colossians | Week 1 (Midland)

Eric Boyt begins our journey together through the book of Colossians by examining Paul’s prayers for the church and challenging us in our own prayer life.

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Empowered Week 6 | (Odessa)

In this week of our Empowered series, Eric Boyt takes us through Galatians 5 as we look at the fruit of the Spirit vs. the fruit of our flesh.

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Commissioned | Week 1 (Odessa)

Eric Boyt kicks off our new series entitled Commissioned by taking us to the parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10. Eric explains us how the Samaritan’s display of compassion helps us to answer the question: “Who is my neighbor?” We learn in this message that God provides answers for us through the gospel—where Jesus displays the greatest example of compassion on the cross.

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Renewal | Week 3 (Odessa)

Eric Boyt continues our short series on Renewal by showing us the extreme measures King Josiah took to bring renewal in the life of God’s people. He shows us how persistent and thorough Josiah was in in his effort to cleanse the nation of its idols. He shares some practical ways he’s applied this truth to his own life and invites us to consider how we need to be like Josiah and crush the idols in our lives.”

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With Us | Week 1 (Odessa)

Eric Boyt begins a new series to kick off the month of December. Eric takes us to a familiar Christmas passage to show us how the Bible describes Hope. He helps us see God’s heart to love His people and keep His promises. In this way, Hope isn’t simply an optimism about future, but a posture of waiting on the Lord, engaging His presence, and believing His promises. When we do these things, we cultivate biblical Hope, because all of this helps us to center our lives on Jesus––the only One who can give us the Hope our souls so long for.

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As One: Part 6

Eric Boyt finishes the as one series by reading in Revelation and 1 Peter. We uncover what the type of leadership Jesus give the church.

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Flourishing | Part 11: A Generous Heart

Eric Boyt steps up this week to continue our series in the Sermon on the Mount. He walks us through Jesus’ commands about how we should give and calls us to trust God with our resources. He concludes with some practical steps we can take to become more generous and flourish as people who are rich in good works.

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Crossover Pt. 7

Eric Boyt steps up this week and shows how God has related to His people during times of transition. He shows us what God commanded Israel to do and likewise, what He’s calling Stonagate to do during this season. You don’t want to miss this one.

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