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Opposed | Week 5

Joe Russo will wrap up our series Opposed.


The Movement | Week 7 (Midland)

Craig King will continue our series “The Movement” through Acts 4.

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The Movement | Week 4 (Midland)

Craig King will continue our series “The Movement” through Acts 9.

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The Movement | Week 1(Midland)

Eric Clark starts a series called The Movement

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Commissioned | Week 3 (Midland)

Craig King wraps up our Commissioned Series.

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Expectant (Midland)

Craig King encourages us with a story from 2 Chronicles and leads us through a time of Expectant Prayer for Camp.

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Knowing God | Week 3 (Midland)

Craig King continues our series with Psalm 95, showing how we can know God through the act of worship.

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Mother’s Day 2020 | Legacy

In this special mother’s day message, Craig King facilitates a conversation about legacy with the help of Addy King, Karen Fisher, and Jay Mayo. Together, the four of them talk through the challenges of parenting, the idols we struggle with, and the faithfulness of God to use our ordinary faithfulness to leave a lasting spiritual legacy.

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Ever Grateful | Part 2

In this service we celebrate with baptisms and Craig King leads us through Psalm 107:10 and reminds us that Christ steps into our story every day and walks with us.

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Next Gen Sunday

This week our Next Generation team took over the Sunday service to show us how they invest into our kids each week. They showed us what it looks like to pursue a life of obedience and then challenged us to consider stepping up to serve in a much needed area of ministry.

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Foundations: Worship

Craig King continues our series about Foundations by showing us what will never change at Stonegate with regard to worship. He challenges us to see worship as an all-of-life reality, while also emphasizing the central place of the Sunday gathering.

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