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Galatians | Week 10 (Odessa)

Randy Unruh continues our Galatians series with the beginning of Chapter 5, where Paul dives deeper into freedom in Christ.


Faithful | Week 2 (Odessa)

Chase Lynch continues out Summer series by looking at a scene in the life of Moses. Chase shows us how God doesn’t require perfect circumstances or perfect people to advance His kingdom. Instead, what we learn from Moses’ story is that we can trust God’s perfect faithfulness in spite of our personal insecurities.

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Chasing the Wind Part 7 (Odessa)

Chase Lynch continues our series in the book of Ecclesiastes. In his first Sunday sermon, He shows us how Solomon speaks to the issues of death, aging, and the enjoyment life. He also shows us how Jesus conquered death for us and why that is good news for us today.

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