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Ambassadors | Week 3

Our Ambassador series continues with Dustin Pearce teaching that when God sends us on a mission that it will be marked by conflict and how we can continue to persevere through every trial.


Greater Things | Week 1

Neil Rogers begins our series called Greater Things by taking a look at God’s faithfulness. He walks through Acts 14 and shows how God was faithful to the church in Antioch and is equally faithful to our church today!

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Great Expectations | Week 3 (Odessa)

What would God say to our loved ones if He were right here in the room? One of our elders Neil Rogers examines a well-known passage from Ephesians 4:29-32 to help us all be better encouragers in relationships. Together, we discover both What God would say and How He would say it so we can minister to our spouse through words.

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Great Expectations | Week 2 (Odessa)

Everyone wants a good marriage. But, what does “a good one” actually look like. One of our elders, Neil Rogers, looks a passage of Scripture rarely considered in marriage to paint a clearer picture of God’s Great Expectations in relationships

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The Psalms | Psalm 40

Neil Rogers shares a message from Psalm 40, a beautiful Psalm that  illustrates the salvation story we all have with Jesus. Neil encourages us to remember this story, rejoice in this story, and then boldly share it with others. He challenges some of the fears we have to sharing our faith and encourages us to identify one person we can share our story with.

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Stand Alone – Strategic Partnership Uganda

In the midst of an uncertain time, we need to be encouraged by what God is doing around the world to advance His kingdom. Elders Neil Rogers and Andy Deck along with Mike and Meagan Elkins share what God is doing through our strategic partnership in Uganda. In this message, we are reminded that God has not checked out, but is still actively working to fulfill His promises and make His name known.

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As One: Part 1 (Odessa)

Neil Rogers starts a new series called As One looking at the story of the church through the story at Ephesus.

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Chasing the Wind Part 1 (Midland)

Neil Rogers steps up this week to give us a message from the beginning of Ecclesiastes. He shows us how we should keep walking, even when expectations don’t match up with reality.

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Foundations: Community

Neil Rogers kicks off the new year with a message about community. He challenges us to consider an important question Jesus once asked a blind men and then shows how in the Christian life, good relationships are a non-negotiable.

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Experiencing God | Week 11

Neil Rogers reads from John 21 and teaches that God is not done with us and is always calling us to join him in his work all around.

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Experiencing God | Week 2

In our second week of Experiencing God, Neil Rogers asks us to consider if we are willing to submit everything in our lives to God in order to join Him in the work He’s doing around us.

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