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Lessons From David | Week 7

Chase Lynch continues our sermon series, Lessons from David, looking at 2 Samuel 9.


Commissioned | Week 2 (Midland)

Jay Mayo continues our Commissioned series by taking a look at what loving one another really means.

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Stand Alone (Midland)

In this stand-alone message, Jay Mayo finishes out the year looking at Philippians 3:13-14 through the lens of our mission statement and challenges us to be fully present.

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Stand Alone | Rest in Jesus

Jay Mayo delivers a message from Matthew 11 about spiritual rest. At a time when many of us are tired, weary, and burdened, Jay brings us back to the words of Jesus to show us how to find rest for our souls.

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Stand Alone | A Life of Influence

Dustin Pearce shares some important statistics about the number of Jr. High and High School students who attend school in Midland. He then shows us that every follower of Jesus has a calling on our lives to raise the next generation. He challenges us to consider what our lives could look like if we said “Yes” to a life of multi-generational influence.

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Redeeming 2015

Jay Mayo takes a look at how we can look at our past failures and see the redeeming future we can have in Jesus according to Ephesians 5 (this is a standalone message).

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Father’s Day – 2014

Jay Mayo challenges men with the biblical mandate to fight against evil for their family according to Romans 13 (this is a standalone message).

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Walking With God

Jay Mayo brings to light from John 10 that Christians often go from spiritual fad to spiritual fad, yet there is so much more available in our relationship with God when we learn to walk with God personally and intimately (this is a standalone message).

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