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Peter | Week 14

Chase Gilbert continues our series on the books of Peter with 2 Peter 1:12-21.


Mother’s Day 2018

The cultural pressure on women to be a “perfect” woman is so great. From social media posts to being the perfect mother, the burden is greater than ever. Patrick reads from 1 Peter 3 to highlight the identity that God has for women and how freeing it is to accept His identity.

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7 Habits of Following Jesus

This week, Patrick helps us understand some essential habits that will strengthen our walk with Jesus and proclaim his greatness to those around us.

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When God Tells Your Story

In this message, Patrick exhorts us to remember the identity that is ours as new creations in Christ. No matter what we’ve done, what someone has said, or what story we keep telling ourselves, God tells a better story and its a story of His unending love and forgiveness.

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Biblical Purpose – Pt. 2

This week, Patrick continues his teaching about biblical purpose. He emphasizes how essential it is for us to make the best use of our days by memorizing, believing, and submitting to God’s Word for our lives.

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Biblical Purpose

Patrick starts the new year reading out of 2 Peter and encourages us to live out of the great power that God has already given us.

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Psalm 118 – How We Win

Patrick reads from Psalm 118 and discusses the “why” behind Stonegate Fellowship and what it looks like for the church to win.

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Psalm 40 – New Song

Patrick speaks from Psalm 40 about the subject of waiting on God in times of dryness. God is putting a new song in our lives through the act of waiting for Him.

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Hebrews 3 – Life and Sin

Patrick gives a post-camp message updating us on the events of youth (SGY) camp and teaches on the 5 R’s of dealing with life and sin.

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Ephesians 3

Patrick revisits a message teaching from Ephesians 3 about our relationship with God and how we so often misunderstand the free gift of grace given to us in salvation.

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Ezra & Nehemiah – Pt. 3

Patrick speaks about our need to believe in God and how it affects our actions. Our actions are changed when we rest in the belief that Christ has given us everything we need.

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