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1 Thessalonians 5 | Week 2

Joe continues our series in 1 Thessalonians 5, looking at chapter 5 verses 12-15.


Experiencing God | Week 10

This week, Patrick mixes things up a bit by jumping ahead to unit 12 in our Experiencing God study. He helps us consider what it means to build a life with the Lord that is stable, firm, and secure as opposed to pursuing the next ‘spiritual high’ that fades very quickly.

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Easter Service 2018

In a not-so-typical Easter message, Patrick unpacks 3 essential components to knowing how valuable we are to God. This message reminds us why Jesus lived, died, and rose again: because we are of such great value to Him.

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Experiencing God | Week 7

This week, Patrick helps us cross the mid-way point in our Experiencing God study. He talks about what it means to have a Crisis of Belief, how to cultivate trust in the character of God, and how essential it is for us to be faithful in the small things before we can ever expect to experience the ‘big’ things God has for us.

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Experiencing God | Week 4

So many times we look for God’s will in the large things. We ask God to do great things in our lives all the while He is asking us to do the small things well so that He can trust us with the large. This week Patrick breaks down John 5 in the fourth week of Experiencing God and talks about finding God’s will in every day, small things.

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Experiencing God | Week 3

It’s something we’ve always been told about, but it’s one of the hardest things for us to receive: the love of God. This week, Patrick calls us to consider that our greatest need in life is to realize how much God loves us.

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Experiencing God | Week 1

Patrick kicks off our new series: Experiencing God. He talks about how God is always at work around us and calls us to consider what we believe about what God can do through us if we will trust and surrender everything to Him.

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