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Peter | Week 7

Joe Russo continues our series on the books of Peter with 1 Pet 2:11-25.


Empowered Week 7 | (Midland)

Josh Gatewood wraps up our Empowered series with a special Expectant service.

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Empowered Week 6 | (Midland)

In this week of our Empowered series, Joe Russo takes us through Galatians 5 as we compare the fruit of the Spirit with the fruit of our flesh.

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Empowered Week 5 | (Midland)

In this week of our Empowered series, Luke McNeely discusses how the Holy Spirit reminds us of our position as God’s sons and daughters.

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Empowered Week 4 | (Midland)

In this week of our Empowered series, Jay Mayo unpacks the topic of Surrender: what it is, what it means, and why it’s so important.

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Empowered | Week 3 (Midland)

This week Eric Clark takes us into the book of Ephesians as we look at what it means to intentionally follow Jesus while being empowered by the Holy Spirit in our everyday lives.

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Empowered | Week 2 (Midland)

Josh Gatewood continues our Empowered series by showing us how the Holy Spirit isn’t a force we manipulate but a person we surrender to.

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Empowered | Week 1 (Midland)

Josh Gatewood kicks off our new series on the Holy Spirit by laying a foundation for our study and showing how God’s heart has always been to dwell with His people.

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