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Peter | Week 12

Joe Russo continues our series on the books of Peter with 2 Peter 1:1-11.


Camp 2021 Recap (Midland)

Chase Gilbert steps up for his first Sunday message in Midland to tell us what our students learned at camp this year. He explains how our identity as people is only truly verified when we look to Jesus—the one who created us, loves us, and paid the price of his life for us. He then challenges us to believe and model this in our own lives so that we can continue to have an impact on the next generation.

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Renewal | Week 4 (Midland)

Eric Clark concludes our series by looking at how King Josiah lead the nation of Judah to remember the Passover. He leads us in a time of communion and prayer as we reflect on what Jesus has done for us in the new and greater passover through his death and resurrection. He concludes by leading us in a time of prayer for our students and leaders as they go off to Camp.

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Renewal | Week 3 (Midland)

Jay Mayo is back up to continue our short series on Renewal. He shows us the extreme measures King Josiah took in order to lead God’s people to deep spiritual renewal. Jay challenges us to remember the holiness of God in rescuing us from sin, because no other god has done this. He concludes by inviting us to respond to God with undivided devotion, remembering that only God can meet our deepest spiritual needs.

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Renewal | Week 2 (Midland)

Josh Gatewood continues our series in Renewal by taking us to 2 Kings 23. Josh opens up about his own weariness in this season and explains how there’s a difference between momentary relief and lasting renewal. He shows us what King Josiah did to provide renewal in the nation of Judah and then explains how we can experience even greater renewal through the power of the Spirit at work within us.

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Renewal | Week 1 (Midland)

Jay Mayo begins a new series in 2 Kings 22 entitled Renewal. He shows us how King Josiah positioned his heart toward God and experienced the spiritual renewal only God can bring. He invites us to consider if we need spiritual renewal in our lives and challenges us to consider if we will receive the renewal God wants to provide for us.

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