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Peter | Week 12

Joe Russo continues our series on the books of Peter with 2 Peter 1:1-11.


With Us | Week 3 (Midland)

Joe Russo takes us to Isaiah 61 to show us how Jesus is our Empowering Presence. He shows us how Jesus has a heart to reach the broken-hearted and helps us see how He is still working in our lives today. Specifically, we now have the Holy Spirit of Jesus living in us to lead us in a life of freedom and empowerment—no matter what we’re going through.

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With Us | Week 2 (Midland)

Jay Mayo continues our Christmas series by taking us to Isaiah 53. He shows us how Jesus is our Suffering Servant.Jay shows us how Jesus did not come as a conquering King—even though that’s exactly what the people of his day wanted. No, Jesus came not to conquer with force, but to suffer and die in our place and restore us to a right relationship with God.

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With Us | Week 1 (Midland)

Josh Gatewood begins a new series to kick off the month of December. He takes us to a familiar Christmas passage and shows us how this traditional story answers some of the most pressing questions about God, evil, and suffering in the world. He concludes by challenging us to remember these truths and helps us see: no matter what we’re going through, Jesus is always with us as our Present King.

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