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Peter | Week 12

Joe Russo continues our series on the books of Peter with 2 Peter 1:1-11.


Faithful | Week 5 (Midland)

Chase Gilbert wraps up our series on the Faithfulness of God by looking at the story of Samson. Chase shows us how Samson’s pride was a major stumbling block in his life and then challenges us to consider the ways in which we are fighting against the virtue of humility in our lives. In this message, we learn how God is faithful to His character—even when we are prideful.

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Faithful | Week 4 (Midland)

Jay Mayo continues our Summer series by looking at the story of Jonah. Jay shows us how there’s much more to this familiar story than what we often hear. He explains how God is faithful to pursue us and rescue us—even when we don’t want to be rescued.

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Faithful | Week 3 (Midland)

Eric Clark continues our Summer series by taking us to the story of Elijah. Eric shows us how Elijah reached a high-point in his walk with God, but was quickly overcome with fear and discouragement. Eric identifies some of the ways in which God responds to Elijah and then explains how God can meet us in the same way. He concludes with some practical exhortation to help us walk with God out of fear and discouragement.

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Faithful | Week 2 (Midland)

Luke McNeely continues our Summer series by looking at a scene in the life of Moses that confronted his unique insecurities. Luke shows us how God calls us to a trust him in spit of our insecurities and challenges us to consider what steps we can take to trust God like Moses did.

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Faithful | Week 1 (Midland)

Joe Russo kicks off our Summer series entitled Faithful by looking at the life of Joseph in the Old Testament. Joe shows us how Joseph encountered many trials throughout his life—including the painful trial of personal betrayal. Joe shows us how in the midst of painful circumstances, God is faithful and is working in ways we often cannot see. Our responsibility is not to figure out all the details, but to be faithful and trust God in the midst of the trial.

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