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Peter | Week 15

Neil Rogers continues our series on the books of Peter with 2 Peter 2:1-22


Go. Be. | Part 4 (Midland)

Luke McNeely continues our series by taking us to Psalm 78 and emphasizing the importance of investing into the Next Generation. He identifies some of the unintentional ways we hide the truths of Jesus from the next generation and challenges us to consider how we are spending our time. He also shares stories of encouragement from individuals who were positively impacted by people in the church who took the time to invest into them. This message was preached at our Midland Campus and live-streamed to our Odessa Campus.

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Go. Be. | Part 3 (Midland)

Josh Gatewood sits down with Dustin Pearce and Elvie Brown to give an update on our 7 year vision to establish 4 congregations. They talk about some of the hopes, prayers, and challenges unique to their churches and paint a picture of what God is doing to establish a diverse people who are united in Christ. Toward the end, Josh invites members of Stonegate Fellowship to join Dustin or Elvie at their respective churches. Danny Barker, one of our elders, concludes our time in prayer for Dustin, Elvie, and the mission of the church in the Permian Basin.

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Go. Be. | Part 2 (Midland)

Jesus calls each of us to “Follow Me” as His disciple. When we follow Jesus, we are then invited to help make more disciples as we Go.BE an example of Christ, wherever we are sent. Today, Neil Rogers will share about several ways that God is using SGF to make disciples locally, nationally and internationally.

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Go. Be. | Part 1 (Midland)

Larry Gilbert sits down with Bob Fu of the China Aid organization to talk about what God is doing among the persecuted church in China. They discuss how Bob came to know Christ and how China Aid was formed. Their conversation reminds us what God is doing globally to rescue people for His name. They also remind us to intercede in prayer for our persecuted brothers and sisters overseas.

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