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Lessons From David | Week 3

Eric Boyt continues our sermon series, Lessons from David, looking at 1 Samuel 20.


Proverbs | Week 8 (Midland)

Joe Russo wraps up our Summer series on wisdom by taking a look at Proverbs 9.

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Proverbs | Week 7 (Midland)

Chase Gilbert continues our series in Proverbs by showing us how much better it is to walk in the way of God’s wisdom. He invites us to listen to wisdom, look to Jesus, and actively chose the way of life over the way of death.

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Proverbs | Week 6 (Midland)

Eric Clark takes us through Proverbs 6 where we unpack God’s correction, His hatred for things that take life from us, and the practice of Biblical Repentance.

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Proverbs | Week 5 (Midland)

Jay Mayo continues our series in Proverbs by showing us the sober truths about sexual intimacy and infidelity found in Proverbs 5 & 7. He explains how relational faithfulness and flourishing are found when we position ourselves to receive God’s wisdom and respond accordingly.

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Proverbs | Week 4 (Midland)

Neil Rogers continues our journey through the book of Proverbs by showing us how to choose the path of wisdom over the path of wickedness. Neil explains how the path of wickedness is always much worse than it originally seems. In this message, Neil challenges us to reject passivity and actively chose the path of wisdom for our lives.

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Proverbs | Week 3 (Midland)

Jay Mayo continues our series in Proverbs by showing us the importance of posturing our hearts to receive God’s wisdom and then training our hearts to comply with wisdom’s commands.

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Proverbs | Week 2 (Midland)

Eric Clark continues our series in Proverbs by showing us how to listen to wisdom in our everyday lives. He challenges us to choose the path of wisdom, reject the path of foolishness, and invest our lives into becoming wise people.

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Proverbs | Week 1 (Midland)

Joe Russo kicks off our Summer series in the book of Proverbs. Joe shows us the consequences of failing to heed the warnings of wisdom and challenges us to embrace the wisdom of God for our lives.

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Proverbs Part 5

Jay Mayo finishes out the series on the wisdom we can gain from the Old Testament book Proverbs. This week, Jay shows the major theme of relationship wisdom throughout Proverbs and what that has to do with us today.

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Proverbs Part 4

Jeff Turner gives a quick update about Stonegate Fellowship Odessa, and continues the series on the Old Testament book of Proverbs. This week, Jeff walks through Proverbs 24 to show the value of our God speaking wisdom into our lives through the scriptures of the Bible.

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