Triumphal Entry

We are following Jesus during the week leading up to his death and resurrection. What did Jesus focus on? What was He concerned with? What does God want us to see? And how will we respond?

Pause, Pray, and Make Space

Before we focus on the scripture, let’s make space to be still and pray. Make some space by taking time to breathe deep, pray, and cast your cares upon God. The Bible says he cares for us (1 Peter 5:7). Do you have any cares, hopes, pain, or lies you need to let go of? Are there people and circumstances to give to God?  Take some time to do just that.

Read the Scriptures | Pause & Think

We will be making our way through the Gospel of Luke’s account of Jesus’ week leading up to His death and resurrection. Take a few seconds to pause and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you through the scriptures. Today Let’s Read Luke 19:28-44

What stood out to you? What captured your attention? Take a few seconds and ask the Holy Spirit to give you insight into the scriptures. What verse, verses, or phrases stood out to you. Why? Reread Luke 19:28-44

These verses are often called “The Triumphal Entry.” But how and why was it triumphant?

– It fulfilled a long-awaited Prophecy

– For those who believed in Jesus, it solidified their hope

– Evil would lose

Pray | Write your “I Will” Statement

Now we want to pray back to God what stood out to each of us in a personal way. What insight, challenge, opportunity, promise, truth, or step to take with Jesus stood out to you?

Next, we want to come away from our time with Jesus in the scriptures with an “I will statement”. What is God inviting us to do? To practice? To surrender? Take some time to pray and write down your “I will statement”. Then share it with someone you trust and who will encourage you to do what God has said to do.