As a faith family, we have seen God do amazing things in 20 years. Yet, we are convinced there is more to come. Our identity and mission as a church have not changed.

Prayer started this movement. Prayer has sustained this moment. And prayer will shape and empower this movement in the days ahead.

Join the 1000s of us over the next 42 days to prepare our hearts and ready our hands for the journey God has ahead to love and serve the Permian Basin and the world!

how to pray
how to pray with your kids
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how to

• Listen to the daily 10 minute guided prayer time

• Do one a day - do again if needed

• Find your place - comfy chair or the drivers seat of your car (just don’t close your eyes - HA)

• Follow the audio prompts

• Don’t be afraid of silence - use it, don’t run from it - slow down

• Just talk to God - as you would a friend

• If you miss a day - no sweat - just pick up with today’s guided audio

• Click "Prayer Guide" under each track to download a script to read while you're listening.

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