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Psalm 118 – How We Win

Patrick reads from Psalm 118 and discusses the “why” behind Stonegate Fellowship and what it looks like for the church to win.

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Psalm 40 – New Song

Patrick speaks from Psalm 40 about the subject of waiting on God in times of dryness. God is putting a new song in our lives through the act of waiting for Him.

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Hebrews 3 – Life and Sin

Patrick gives a post-camp message updating us on the events of youth (SGY) camp and teaches on the 5 R’s of dealing with life and sin.

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Ephesians 3

Patrick revisits a message teaching from Ephesians 3 about our relationship with God and how we so often misunderstand the free gift of grace given to us in salvation.

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Ezra & Nehemiah – Pt. 3

Patrick speaks about our need to believe in God and how it affects our actions. Our actions are changed when we rest in the belief that Christ has given us everything we need.

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Ezra & Nehemiah – Pt. 2

Patrick speaks about what happens when we trust God with our resources. When God presses us into more, he reminds us of what he has done and who he is so that we can trust him.

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Ezra & Nehemiah – Pt. 1

Patrick teaches from the books of Ezra and Nehemiah and how we should see how God is calling us out into what seems impossible.

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Matthew 9

Patrick teaches about why we do what we do and what it looks like to be a sending church.

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Changing Our Focus (Matthew 25)

Patrick teaches from Matthew 25 and encourages us to use what God has given us for his glory and for the good of others.

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Easter Sunday 2017

Patrick speaks an Easter message about the hope that is given to us because of Jesus being raised from the dead.

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