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Renewal | Week 3 (Odessa)

Eric Boyt continues our short series on Renewal by showing us the extreme measures King Josiah took to bring renewal in the life of God’s people. He shows us how persistent and thorough Josiah was in in his effort to cleanse the nation of its idols. He shares some practical ways he’s applied this truth to his own life and invites us to consider how we need to be like Josiah and crush the idols in our lives.”


Follow Me | Gospel of Mark | Part 4 (Odessa)

Eric Clark continues our series in the Gospel of Mark by taking us to Mark 8 when Jesus fed the four-thousand. He shows us how Jesus doesn’t call us to give what we don’t have, but simply asks us to trust Him with what we do have and depend on Him for the results. Eric explains how Jesus calls us to hands-on experiences that both cultivate and communicate the compassion of Christ for people—even when they are different than us. He concludes by challenging us to use our “fish and loaves” so we can join God in the work He’s doing to reach people.

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Follow Me | Part 1 (Midland)

Eric Clark kicks off our new series on discipleship by taking us to Matthew 28:16–20. Eric explains how discipleship is a not a Christian thing, but a human thing. The question is whether our discipleship is intentional or un-intentional. Using the R.I.S.E. acronym, Eric challenges us to embrace a life of intentional discipleship to Jesus and lays the foundation for the coming weeks.

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