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Through Christ | Series End

Josh Gatewood closes our Spring series by returning to Revelation 2 to look at Jesus’ final words to the church at Ephesus. He challenges us to consider the state of our hearts and embrace a fresh vision for personal renewal in our lives.



Jeff Turner speaks about the Acts 2 and the essential need for authentic relationships in the community of the church (this is a standalone message).

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Christmas According To Paul

Dustin Pearce walks through Galatians 4 to show the Apostle Paul’s description of the Christmas story (this is a standalone message).

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The Theology of Holidays

Patrick Payton digs into the idea of why we really should celebrate amazing holidays like Christmas – and it’s not just because of the figgy pudding.

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Stewarding The Miraculous

Scott Hall preaches about our goal in this life as Christians and how we can achieve it (this is a standalone message).

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Christmas Experiment

Patrick Payton explains the new Christmas services and the thought behind the change, and Stonegate Fellowship’s passion for loving the unchurched and uninvolved (this is a standalone message).

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On The Edge

Patrick Payton speaks about the importance of depending on God, especially for our most dire needs according to Mark 6 (this is a standalone message).

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God Is Running The Show

Patrick Payton preaches from Psalm 121 in order to remind us that as the craziness of life is ever present – God is always in control (this is a standalone message).

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China Mission

Neil Rogers shares some of the work God has been doing through Stonegate Fellowship in China (this is a standalone message).

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Father’s Day – 2014

Jay Mayo challenges men with the biblical mandate to fight against evil for their family according to Romans 13 (this is a standalone message).

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The Post Camp Church

Dustin Pearce speaks about the successes of camp this year, and encourages Stonegate Fellowship as a church to move forth as faithful people for God according to 1st Thessalonians (this is a standalone message).

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