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Renewal | Week 3 (Odessa)

Eric Boyt continues our short series on Renewal by showing us the extreme measures King Josiah took to bring renewal in the life of God’s people. He shows us how persistent and thorough Josiah was in in his effort to cleanse the nation of its idols. He shares some practical ways he’s applied this truth to his own life and invites us to consider how we need to be like Josiah and crush the idols in our lives.”



Neil Rogers gets the chance to share the amazing work that Stonegate has gotten to be a part of through ELAM ministries in the Middle East (this is a standalone message).

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Church Plans

Patrick Payton has a church family meeting about an opportunity on the doorstep of Stonegate Fellowship Odessa (this is a standalone message).

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Casting Vision

Patrick Payton casts a vision of where Stonegate has been, but more importantly where Christianity began according to John 14.

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Get Back Up

Dustin Pearce gives a solid reminder of how to walk with God after camp, “remember the cross, and continue in the faith” according to Colossians 1 (this is a standalone message).

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Joe Rigney

Patrick Payton introduces Joe Rigney, an author who shares his wisdom that has gleaned about fully depending on God (this is a standalone message).

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Redeeming 2015

Jay Mayo takes a look at how we can look at our past failures and see the redeeming future we can have in Jesus according to Ephesians 5 (this is a standalone message).

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