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Follow Me | Part 1 (Odessa)

Neil Rogers kicks off our new series on discipleship by taking us to Matthew 28:16–20. Neil explains how discipleship is a not a Christian thing, but a human thing. The question is whether our discipleship is intentional or un-intentional. Using the R.I.S.E. acronym, Neil challenges us to embrace a life of intentional discipleship to Jesus and lays the foundation for the coming weeks.


Stop and Remember

Joe Russo Steps up this week to give us a hard challenge: slow down and remember. In the crazy-busy pace of life, this is a great message to meditate on going into the new year.

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Transition Update

Larry Gilbert steps up this week and gives us an update on Patrick’s transition. He answers questions, provides some insight, and calls us to be faithful & hopeful people in this season of transition.

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This week, Dustin teaches us out of Galatians 5. He talks about how easy it is to get stuck in our Christian life and points us to the power Jesus gives us to set us free.

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15 Rounds

In this Father’s day message, Joe Russo calls us to trust God as our Father. He shows us the life of Joseph in the Bible, shares some of his own personal story, and encourages us to go all 15 rounds with God.

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Doubting Thomas

Dustin speaks a post-camp message teaching in John 11 about how our journey with Jesus is less about destination and more about direction.

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The Six Relationship Stages

This weekend, Joe walked us through six relationship stages we have with our creator as believers.

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We Will Tell

Dustin Pearce talks to us about generations and the responsibility the present one has to the next one.

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Mother’s Day 2018

The cultural pressure on women to be a “perfect” woman is so great. From social media posts to being the perfect mother, the burden is greater than ever. Patrick reads from 1 Peter 3 to highlight the identity that God has for women and how freeing it is to accept His identity.

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7 Habits of Following Jesus

This week, Patrick helps us understand some essential habits that will strengthen our walk with Jesus and proclaim his greatness to those around us.

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When God Tells Your Story

In this message, Patrick exhorts us to remember the identity that is ours as new creations in Christ. No matter what we’ve done, what someone has said, or what story we keep telling ourselves, God tells a better story and its a story of His unending love and forgiveness.

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