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Follow Me | Gospel of Mark | Part 3 (Odessa)

Randy Unruh continues our series in the Gospel of Mark by showing us how we put the spiritual practices of faith into action. Randy challenges us to examine our own personal faith and find confidence in scripture that will strengthen our faith. He shares a personal story of applying power of faith and God demonstrates His love for us to see the bigger picture. Randy concludes by giving us three final points that will assist in growing our faith.


A Stonegate Christmas 2016

This is the service from “A Stonegate Christmas 2016”. Jesus is the light of the world. We have nothing to fear because he casts out all darkness.

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Fear Not Part 2

Patrick continues a short series through the holidays called Fear Not and expounds on the idea of how we are called to trust in God and Fear Not.

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Fear Not Part 1

Patrick introduces a short series through the holidays called Fear Not and expounds on the idea of how we are called to trust in God and Fear Not.

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Happily Ever After Part 10

Eric finishes our Happily Ever After series with the topic of forgiveness and gives some practical steps that will help any relationship.

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Happily Ever After Part 9

Our Odessa-Campus Minister, Jeff Turner updates us on the new building. He teaches on the topic of conflict as we continue the Happily Ever After series.

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Post-Election Thoughts

Patrick changes directions from our family series to speak about the current situation in our nation. He gives some post-election thoughts and practices for the follower of Jesus, regardless of your political party.

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Happily Ever After Part 8

Patrick continues the Happily Ever After series by getting practical with the subject of communication. He ends with some easy-to-understand topics that will help you walk through marriage and experience the life transformation of Jesus.

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Happily Ever After Part 7

Dustin continues the Happily Ever After series by expounding the idea of singlehood and that regardless of marital status we believe that we are called to help each other to become more like Jesus.

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ELAM Ministries

In this sermon, we host one of our mission partners, ELAM ministries, as they give an update on how the gospel is spreading in Iran and surrounding nations.

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Happily Ever After Part 6

Patrick continues this sermon with the idea that very little harms our marriages and relationships like unhealthy and unmet expectations. But what if we changed the whole paradigm of those expectations? This weekend we’ll look at a counter-culture way of dealing with expectations in all of our relationships.

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