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Faithful | Week 5 (Odessa)

Randy Unruh wraps up our series on the Faithfulness of God by looking at the story of Samson. Randy shows us how Samson, who throughout his life had allowed himself to be defined by his mistakes and failures, at the end saw his life defined instead by the faithfulness of God. Samson was able to recover from his mistakes, as we are, by Gods faithfulness. We learn through this message that we can all be ordinary people in the hands of an extraordinary God.


Stop and Remember

Joe Russo Steps up this week to give us a hard challenge: slow down and remember. In the crazy-busy pace of life, this is a great message to meditate on going into the new year.

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The Gift: A Christmas Series | Part 3

Joe Russo continues our Christmas series called The Gift by reading Matthew 2. We look at the meaning of the gifts and the setting of the birth of Christ as it relates to seeing and knowing God’s provision no matter how it looks.

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Ever Grateful | Part 3 (Odessa)

On this third week of the Ever Grateful series Joe Russo picks up in verse 17 of Psalm 107 and looks at even when we act foolishly that God is just a cry away and is always there for us.

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Everyday People | Part 5: Esther (Midland)

Joe Russo steps up this week to continue our sermon series on Everyday People by looking at Esther. Joe walks us through Esther’s story, showing us how God was at work to arrange situations in Esther’s life to bring about His purposes for her, His people, and His story of salvation.

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Everyday People | Part 2: Lydia and the Philippian Jailor (Midland)

Joe Russo continues our series about Everyday People by taking us to Acts 16. He shows us some people who encountered the power of Jesus and whose stories were transformed as a result. He concludes by showing us how God is always at work to rescue everyday people just like us and then invites us to surrender to God’s greater story for our lives.

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Chasing the Wind | Part 8 (Midland)

Joe Russo wraps up our Summer series in the book of Ecclesiastes. He shows us how God’s purpose for our lives is to love Him and love others. In the end, this way of life is full of meaning and purpose and not a life of chasing the wind.

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Chasing the Wind Part 7 (Midland)

Joe Russo reads through Ecclesiastes and explains the meaning of Solomon’s description of the futile ways of life “under the sun”. He then describes to us how there is meaning, purpose and hope as we live life with relationship with Jesus.

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Stand Alone | Joe Russo Pt. 2

Joe Russo steps up again this week to give us a message from John 5. He challenges us to consider what we are clinging to that is keeping us from experiencing the life Jesus offers. He shows us how we can walk in step with God’s Spirit, resist the enemy of our souls, and truly walk in freedom.”

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Standalone | June 2

Joe Russo teaches four important parenting principles. These four principles can help with raising children as smoothly as possible when paralleled with a biblical foundation. 

Perspective – Seeing things correctly

Respect – They are people too

Modeling – More is caught than taught

Change – New roles

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Flourishing | Part 7 : Marriage and Divorce Pt. 2

Joe Russo is back this week to discuss the realities of brokenness and divorce in marriage. He talks about why divorce happens and explains that while God hates divorce, He doesn’t hate divorced people. To the contrary, God is ready and willing to heal, restore, and transform any couple that will surrender their marriage to Him.

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