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Mothers Day | 2021 (Odessa)

Gary Douglas delivers a special Mother’s Day message from Exodus 1. He shows us how two types of fear motivated decisions that would affect generations. The first type is an unhealthy fear of earthly concerns—things we assume will happen and spend precious amounts of time worrying about. The second is a healthy fear of the Lord which can produce fruits of obedience, courage, and trust. Gary shows us how this second type of fear was characteristic of the women in Exodus 1 and concludes by sharing some personal stories of moms that helped shape his journey in life.


Trustworthy Part 7

Scott Hall finishes the series on the trustworthiness of the Bible by showing God’s bigger plan is revealed throughout the Old Testament and especially in the Psalms.

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Trustworthy Part 2

Scott Hall continues this sermon series on why the word of God is trustworthy – and this week Scott spends time explaining one great reason we can trust in the Bible.

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Trustworthy Part 1

Scott Hall begins a series on unpacking the idea of God’s word being trustworthy.

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