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A Life of Thankfulness (Odessa)

Randy Unruh takes us to Colossians 3:17 to show us what it looks like to be a “ Thanksgiving” kind of believer. He reminds us that we should be known as thankful and grateful people. That reminder should lead us to be a people who look to build one another up through praise and not tear down through criticism. He shows us how we can develop a thankful spirit within our home and calls us to realize how fundamental thankfulness should be to our everyday lives.


Sent Part 2

Scott Hall continues this series in Acts on how all Christians are sent – this week Scott looks at how every individual has a specific purpose that God has created in order to bring the Gospel to the world.

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Sent Part 1

Scott Hall begins a series on the early church in Acts and how we are sent for the Gospel just as the members of the church were 2,000 years ago.

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