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Galatians | Week 4 (Odessa)

Neil Rogers continues our Galatians series in the second half of Chapter 2, where Paul explains freedom from the Law.


The Psalms | Psalm 40 (Odessa)

Randy continues our series in The Psalms as he looks at Psalm 40. He gives us 3 things that help us avoid or get out of life’s struggles and messes?

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The Psalms | Psalm 1 (Odessa)

Randy Unruh introduces our new series in the Psalms. He leads us through Psalm 1 and shows us how a relationship with God produces happiness in the life of the believer.  Randy points out that things of this world will never produce the happiness that we were hardwired by God to experience.  It is only through knowing Him that we will ever truly get to experience it!

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