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Latest Sermon

The Psalms | Psalm 40

Neil Rogers shares a message from Psalm 40, a beautiful Psalm that  illustrates the salvation story we all have with Jesus. Neil encourages us to remember this story, rejoice in this story, and then boldly share it with others. He challenges some of the fears we have to sharing our faith and encourages us to identify one person we can share our story with.


The Psalms | Psalm 1 (Odessa)

Randy Unruh introduces our new series in the Psalms. He leads us through Psalm 1 and shows us how a relationship with God produces happiness in the life of the believer.  Randy points out that things of this world will never produce the happiness that we were hardwired by God to experience.  It is only through knowing Him that we will ever truly get to experience it!

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As One: Part 4 (Odessa)

This morning we get the opportunity to see how Jesus has transformed everyday people by reading through acts 19, celebrating baptisms, and taking communion together.

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As One: Part 3 (Odessa)

Randy Unruh reads from Acts 19 and uncovers another piece of the puzzle that was instrumental in unifying the church as one.

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Stand Alone Sermon – Odessa

Randy Unruh finishes this year talking about how we should jump into a new year.

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Ever Grateful | Part 4 (Odessa)

Randy Unruh finishes the Ever Grateful series by teaching out of Psalm 107. He explains how God is using seasons of suffering, struggle, storms and the fear that comes with those to rescue us.

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Everyday People | Part 5: Esther (Odessa)

Randy Unruh delivers his first sermon in Odessa this week by continuing our sermon series on Everyday People. Randy takes us to the book of Esther and shows us how God used Esther to bring about incredible influence in a challenging situation. He then calls us to consider how we would respond in a similar situation.

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