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The Ministry of Marriage | Week 4 (Midland)

Joe Russo wraps up our September series by taking a look at the ministry of marriage both with our spouse and towards others.


Commissioned | Week 3 (Odessa)

Gary Douglas concludes our series by reminding us that we are all called to a life of ministry. He shares some personal examples of people who are embracing this call and challenges us to be a people who are committed to advancing the kingdom of Jesus in our region.

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Commissioned | Week 1 (Odessa)

Gary Douglas kicks off our new series reminding us of our mission as the people of Jesus by taking us to a story in Scripture that highlights how God uses everyday people for His purposes.

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Camp Preview (Odessa)

Gary Douglas gives a message going into the week of Camp.

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In His Image | Week 4 (Odessa)

Gary Douglas concludes our series by teaching us how the truth of Gods image applies to the issues of race and diversity.

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Easter | 2022 (Odessa)

Gary Douglas teaches about the living hope we have through the resurrection of Jesus. He shows us how biblical hope is not just wishful thinking, but a confident expectation of the future that empowers us to live in the present.

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Colossians | Week 10 (Odessa)

Gary Douglas continues our series by challenging us to pray with steadfast devotion they way Paul instructs us. Gary also shares some unique opportunities for us to join God in the work He’s doing throughout Odessa

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Colossians | Week 6 (Odessa)

Gary Douglas takes us into the first part of Colossians 3, showing us how our beliefs and mindset shape our behavior.

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Vision | Week 3 (Odessa)

Gary Douglas wraps up our Vision series reminding us that giving is directly related to our understanding of how much we’ve already been given by the grace of God.

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Empowered | Week 1 (Odessa)

Gary Douglas kicks off our new series on the Holy Spirit by laying a foundation for our study and showing how God’s heart has always been to dwell with His people.

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Obedience | Week 2 (Odessa)

Gary Douglas continues our series in the book of Daniel by looking at the story of the fiery furnace in Daniel 3. Gary shows us how God is at work in our lives, even when we go through serious trials and tribulations. Gary challenges us to trust and obey Jesus—no matter how difficult it gets—because when we do this, we get to look back and see His hand of faithfulness through our own fiery furnace.

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