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The Ministry of Marriage | Week 4 (Midland)

Joe Russo wraps up our September series by taking a look at the ministry of marriage both with our spouse and towards others.


Proverbs | Week 5 (Odessa)

Steven Cain continues our series in Proverbs by showing us the sober truths about sexual intimacy and infidelity found in Proverbs 5 & 7. He explains how relational faithfulness and flourishing are found when we position ourselves to receive God’s wisdom and respond accordingly.

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Proverbs | Week 3 (Odessa)

Steven Cain continues our series in Proverbs by helping us understand how and why we should trust the Lord. He acknowledges the difficulties this often entails, but encourages us to stay faithful—even when we don’t have the answers we want.

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Colossians | Week 12 (Odessa)

Steven Cain concludes our series in Colossians. He challenges us to consider what cause we are living for and how we can play our part in God’s story.

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Colossians | Week 7 (Odessa)

Steven Cain takes us through Colossians 3:12-17, where we see who we are in Christ and how that shapes our actions and the way we love.

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Colossians | Week 4 (Odessa)

Steven Cain continues our series in Colossians by showing us how it is both reasonable and fulfilling to put our faith in Jesus.

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Vision | Week 2 (Odessa)

Steven Cain continues our Vision series by unpacking what Jesus called the two greatest commandments: To love God with all our heart, soul, and mind, and to love our neighbor as ourself.

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Incarnation | Week 1 (Odessa)

Steven Cain kicks off our new Incarnation series, sharing the Incarnation is the beautiful truth that God wants to know us personally.

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Empowered Week 5 | (Odessa)

Steven Cain takes us through Romans 8 where we see that by God’s Spirit, we can be free from the power of sin in our lives.

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Empowered | Week 2 (Odessa)

Steven Cain continues our Empowered series by showing us how the Holy Spirit isn’t a force we manipulate but a person we surrender to.

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Commissioned | Week 2 (Odessa)

Steven Cain continues our series by reminding us of the great commission. Steven points out that believers can live out this commission daily by demonstrating the fruits of the spirit, as Paul describes in Galatians 5. Steven shows us in Galatians 6 while each one of us is to carry his own load, we are called to carry one another’s burdens through prayer and encouragement. This message concludes with a special time of gratitude and commissioning for those serving in our education system.

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